Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chinese Broccoli with Dried Radish 萝卜干炒芥蓝

Traditionally, Kiriboshi daikon (dried shredded daikon-radish) is white daikon-radish shredded into strips then dried in the sun. The drying process brings out the sweetness, and concentrates the fiber and mineral content typically calcium, iron, magnesium.

Compared to the typical heavily-salted Chinese preserved radish (sometimes used in fried egg omelette), Japanese dried shredded daikon has no added salt or sugar, thus much healthier.

As I do not cook traditional Japanese dishes at home, how about giving a new spin on a Chinese stir-fry with this Japanese ingredient?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One-Pot Beans and Lentils 电锅扁豆咖喱

To make sure we consume legumes/beans at least once a week, I have to find easy ways to weave them into our diet and meals. Other than depending on canned beans, I also try my best to include a variety of beans e.g. garbanzo beans/chickpeas, black beans.

Thereafter, cook a batch from any variety of beans, start to finish in one pot. Oh my god, I am such a sloth!

A sloth who wants to have healthy and nutritious meals, needs to work even harder to think of short-cuts and fuss-free cooking methods.

To elaborate further, let us calculate the time (and effort) to put this plate together.

Alright, a big batch of beans was cooked in advance for this meal. Before serving, the beans were re-heated (steamed) for 10 mins.

Time for reheating beans, 10 mins.
Time for hard-boiled eggs, 15 mins (or zero mins if hard-boiled eggs have been made in advance)
Time for steaming broccoli, 8 mins or less.
Time for making couscous, 8 mins or less (no burner required, just add boiling water, and let it seep)

And depending on how many burners you want to turn on, you can achieve everything, technically, in 15 minutes; or no more than 30 minutes for the plate of food above.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shrimp /Prawn Masala Curry 马萨拉咖喱虾

Till I get myself some garam masala - typically a spice mix of turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, cumin; I am going to substitute garam masala with curry powder in this dish.

This Shrimp Masala is a very easy recipe if you have the basic Indian spices in your kitchen pantry. Curry-in-a-hurry or curry quick-fix as the name suggests, a curry that you can put together in less than 30 minutes (excluding marinade time). You can jolly well skip an hour of marinating time and still, the dish will not fail you.